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Tyrus Meiss, Financial Advisor

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Vickie Clark, Financial Advisor

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Clark and Meiss Group

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Your Needs

What are your financial goals?  Would you like to retire when you're ready?  Would you like to protect your business, your family, you?  Are you invested correctly?  Would you like to take the first step to know that you're on your way to achieving what's important to you. 

We consider it our personal mission to help you find answers to your financial questions and work with you to develop a financial strategy so that you can have comfort in knowing you're on the right track.  Regardless of whether you are an individual, a family, or a business, having your own personal strategy to pursue your goals is critical to your potential for success.

We enjoy what we do and we weave our focus of faith, family, friends, and greater community into our practice.  We have a high level of integrity and strive to continually stay up to date on financial trends, markets, and tools to better equip our clients to reduce costs, reduce financial vulnerabilities, and to have a greater opportunity for success.

The best way to see if we're the right fit is to call us.  During our first conversation, we'll explore your questions with you and offer ideas for next steps.  Call us for a no-obligation appointment to see if we can bring benefit to you.